Since 1998, we had only one goal in mind: to help a designer grow and evolve over time. In order to do so, we have been publishing design magazine, books, and conferences. We are hoping that our contribution can become a kind of 'Creative Artworks', a story that broadens our life.

CA Magazine

CA Magazine is a window to the global design. We deliver new and inspiring design news all over the world, hoping that these contents would give a designer his or her much needed insight and inspiration. CA Magazine is published 6 times a year, once every 2 months.


We think about little details that occur in the midst of natural transformation within our environment. We deliver everyday stories that possibly expand our mind and life. CA BOOKS cover art, travel, hobby, life.

CA Conference

We regularly hold conferences for 'Designer as Author & Entrepreneur', which trigger curiosity and inspiration in not only designers but also creative individuals.

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Since 1998. 우리의 관심은 딱 한 가지. 한 사람의 좋은 디자이너가 탄생하고 성장하는 것을 돕고, 지켜보는 것으로부터 시작했습니다. 그러기 위해서 시간과 공간을 넘어 잡지와 단행본과 컨퍼런스를 퍼블리싱하고 있습니다. 이제는 우리 모두가 어디서 무엇을 하든 그 모든 일이 창조적인 작업(Creative Artworks)이 될 수 있기를 바라는 마음입니다. 우리 삶의 외연을 넓히는 이야기.